Meridian Therapy

Meridian Therapy For Pain

If you have symptoms of constant pain and discomfort on any body part, there is treatment that can help free you from the strain. In some cases, through massage therapy can only provide a temporary remission. In these situations, you may have muscle strain and meridian blockage.

Fortunately, the therapists at Singapore’s QSpa are trained in techniques that can provide relief. Bio-electrical stimulation of the site – also called meridian therapy – can be a great help to people suffering from chronic pain or stress.

Our therapists recommend three treatments in most cases. With the first treatment, many clients feel the immediate effect of muscle release. After the third, the symptoms are significantly reduced into the long term.

Meridian therapy re-activates cells, promotes brood circulation, release swelling and pain, and enhances immune function. The best part is, it’s useable by everyone. Our unique bio-electrical stimulation improves hearth rehabilitation without any side effects!

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Physiotherapy Services

Hand Meridian Maintenance (Note: Increases blood supply to the heart, dispels cold from the lungs, treats dizziness, refreshes the mind and soothes the nerves)

Foot Spa and Leg Health Maintenance (Note: Purges the liver fire, invigorates the spleen and kidneys and regulates the foot reflex zones)

Breast Maintenance (Note: Signature breast augmentation through the meridians or energy channels and collaterals, while regulating hyperplasia of mammary glands at the same time)

Bio-Detoxifying Back Physiotherapy (Note: Unclogs the Governing Vessel [Du Meridian] and urinary bladder channel, dispels cold and discharges toxins from the body)

Bio-Detoxifying Full Body Meridian Physiotherapy (Note: Dredges the meridians or energy channels and collaterals throughout the body, from the head to the feet, all in one go)

Ovary Maintenance (Note: Regulates gynaecological inflammation and uterine muscle pain, regulates the intestinal and gastric functions and unclogs the Front Midline Channel [Ren Meridian])

Meridian Therapy Program Time(min) Happy Hour($)* Normal($)
Hand Meridian Therapy 60 min S$66.00 S$80.00
Foot & Leg Care Therapy 60 min S$66.00 S$80.00
Breast Care Therapy 60 min S$66.00 S$80.00
Back Biological Detoxification Treatment 60 min S$66.00 S$80.00
Body Biological DetoxificationTreatment 120 min S$128.00 S$150.00

*Happy Hour Promotion is available from Monday to Thursday between 10.30am to 6.30pm.