Meridian Physiotherapy

  Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has long held that the network of meridians or energy channels and collaterals in our body (Jing Luo) plays a role in determining life and death and handling all sorts of ailments. In other words, regulating the meridians helps our body recover from any ailments.

  We use a meridian physiotherapy machine that works based on the TCM theory of meridians with physiology as the foundation and creatively combines ancient Chinese medicine with the modern reflexology and electrobiology techniques of Western medicine. After the electric energy from the physiotherapy machine has been regulated by the body of a professional physiotherapist, the therapist employs various professional techniques according to the direction in which the meridians run and the location of the symptoms, to stimulate the meridians with electric energy and cause the electric energy to be conducted quickly in such a way that the damaged and atrophied meridians are unclogged instantly for a smooth passage of vital energy (Qi) and blood in the body, thereby increasing the body’s immune functions and achieving the purpose of prevention and health maintenance.

Main Therapeutic Effects:

  1. Focusing on muscle stiffness, severe internal injury caused by overstrain, clogged meridians and the painful parts of the body (according to TCM, pain arises wherever there is a blockage), the flow of electric energy in the body is being used to stimulate the vital energy of the meridians and dredge the meridians. Just after a single treatment session alone, you will be able to feel the effects on the day itself. After two consecutive sessions, you will see significant improvements. Best of all, your worries are gone in a single course!
  2. Promotion of blood circulation. The permeation of bioelectric energy through the body dilates the blood vessels, reduces blood flow resistance and blood viscosity, improves microcirculation, increases oxygen storage and the ability to expel carbon dioxide and brings about miraculous effects in the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.
  3. Activation of cells, regulation of the body’s balance of electric potential, increase in the different types of enzymes and improvement of metabolism.
  4. Beneficial to keeping female breasts healthy and effectively prevents and treats lobular hyperplasia of the breast.

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