About QSpa

Welcome to Q Spa!

We are a legitimate massage spa centre operating 24 hours a day in Serangoon Gardens. Accessible with convenient transportation and parking, we are the perfect place for you to come and recharge yourself anytime.

Here at Q Spa, we provide you with a clean, elegant and comfortable environment. Each of our rooms is equipped with a bathroom. Let our experienced, professional and great masseurs pamper you during your leisure time with their caring, meticulous and professional massage services. They can help you achieve a balanced relaxation of your mind and body and improve the condition of your health by alleviating the tension in your muscles, reducing pain, dredging the meridians or energy channels and collaterals in your body and getting rid of fatigue.

We offer a variety of massage styles and services, including Swedish massage, traditional Chinese health maintenance massage (Tui Na), signature meridian physiotherapy, foot health maintenance, scrape therapy (Gua Sha), fire cupping (Ba Guan), full body scrub, thermal auricular therapy (ear candling) and facial care.

Choose us, and you will get to indulge yourself in an experience of the highest quality.


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